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OSHAD Consultancy and OSHMS Development and Implementation services

About OSHAD SF & OHSAD Consultancy


The Abu Dhabi Government acknowledges the increasing and positive role being played by private and government entities in promoting improved occupational safety and health practices.

By developing a well-defined and structured system framework that is to be embedded in to daily activities of entities, the Government of Abu Dhabi has provided a tool that ensures long-term success in identifying, meeting and exceeding safety and health objectives and goals of the Emirates of Abu Dhabi.

The OSHAD-SF defines the minimum requirement to be met by entities seeking to establish a compliant OSHMS.

Although the OSHAD-SF incorporates the key features of the relevant international OSH Standard, importantly it includes a number of distinctive features (Figure 1). These include:

OSHAD Consultancy and OSHMS Development and Implementation

Abu Dhabi Public Health Centre (ADPHC) was established on 2019 as per the law of establishment No. (14) for the year 2019 that was issued by his Highness Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan (May God Bless His Soul), President of the UAE. The entity was established to ensure a public health system that maintains the health of the population in the Emirate and guarantee workers' safety through the promotion of public health and preventive health concepts. The Abu Dhabi Public Health Center is the first of its kind in the region.

About OSHMS Version 3.1

Occupational Safety & Health Management System (OSHMS) is an integrated system that takes into consideration all aspects related to protection of the work environment, and the health and safety of the workers. It includes certain components that facilitate the development of the policy, programs and procedures necessary to improve performance in OSH issues. Abu Dhabi Emirate Occupational Safety & Health (OSHAD) System Framework is an Abu Dhabi Government Initiative that was developed to control occupational hazard resulting from workplaces and to ensure safe and healthy conditions for all workers in the Emirate. The OSHAD initiative was officially launched at the national symposium held on 25, 26 and 27 February 2008. Following that, it went through a detailed revision process by different sectors, and in July 2009, documents were re-issued under “Abu Dhabi EHSMS Regulatory Framework”. The first version of the EHSMS Regulatory Framework (version 1.2, issued July 2009) and the second amended version of the EHSMS Regulatory Framework (version 2.0 was issued Feb 2012) includes the EHS Policy, the EHSMS Decree (issued 16th June 2009), the EHSMS Manual, Codes of Practice and Guidance Documents. The latest amended version of OHSAD System framework (Version 3.1, issued March 2017) includes the OSH Policy, the OSHMS Decree, the OSHMS Manual, Codes of Practice and Guidance Documents. These are published on:

Steps for getting OSHMS Approval and ADPHC certificate

  • Phase 1: Complete registration in AL ADAA by submission of form A
  • Phase 2: GAP Analysis on existing Management System
  • Phase 3: Development of OSH Management System in compliance with the current requirement of ADPHC, OSHAD SF Ver 3.1 and SRA requirements
  • Phase 4: Documents Handover and Submission of OSHMS in AL ADAA through form C.
  • Phase 5: Review and update documents to get OSHMS Approval.
Approach and Methodology of GESC

GESC's consultant will conduct meeting with responsible personnel and/ or management representative in order to understand the process and to identify all the possible OSH issues associated with Amity International School. GESC will request for the meetings to have better understanding of vision, policy, nature of activities and future action plan. During the development of OSHMS V.3.1, regular consultation with SRA as stakeholders at Abu Dhabi Level, will be conducted. During the development of OHSMS V.3.1 of Client, efforts will be made to have a clear view of its activities, environmental policy, Health and Safety vision and procedures, internal communication and reporting system. In this regard, a series of meetings will be held with the senior management of different units. Methodology for each phase of the development of Management System will be as follows.
Phase 1: Complete registration in AL ADAA by submission of form A
Phase 1 will be completed in following steps;

  • Following the notification of SRA, GESC will consult with SRA or with the Client’s representative in order to complete the registration process to obtain AL ADAA user ID and password.
  • After getting AL ADAA user ID and Password, company profile will update in coordination with the representative of Client.
  • After profile update in AL ADAA, form A will be completed and submitted by GESC.

Phase 2: Gap analysis on existing OSH Documents
Phase 2 will be completed in following steps.
  • Required documents will be collected by GSEC consultant and will conduct Gap analysis on existing Health and Safety Management System in compliance with current requirement of ADPHC and SRA..
  • GAPs will be identified against the requirement of nine mandatory elements separately. Outcomes of the Gap analysis will be communicated to the client representative.

Phase 3: Development of OSH Management System
In this phase Complete occupational health and safety management system in compliance with the requirement of OSHAD/ ADPHC will be developed. Considering and covering 9 elements of OSHAD SF Version 3.1 GSEC will ensure to develop following documents to complete occupational health and safety management system of Client
1. OSH MS Manual 
2. OSH Policy statement
3. Roles, Responsibilities and Self-Regulation Procedure
4. Objectives & Targets Procedure along with actual objectives & targets with reference to OSHAD SF mandatory key performance indicators as defined within OSHAD SF mechanism 6.0 
5. Legal Compliance Procedure along with Legal Register 
6. Risk Management Procedure along with Risk Register 
7. Contractor Management Procedure 
8. Emergency Management Procedure along with Emergency Response Plan & Fire Management Plan 
9. Operational Control Procedure
10. Management of Change Procedure 
11. Training Procedure along with Training Plan and Training Matrix 
12. Competency Procedure along with Competency Program 
13. Hazard, Near miss, Incident Reporting & Investigation Procedure 
14. Communication and Consultation Procedure + OSH COMMITTEE STRUCTURAL FRAMEWORK (OSH Committee Chart) 
15. Inspection Procedure + OSH INSPECTION PROGRAM 
16. Audit Procedure + OSH AUDIT PROGRAM 
17. OSH Performance Monitoring Procedure 
18. Document Control & Record Retention Procedures 
19. Management Review Procedure 

Phase 4: Documents Handover and Submission of OSHMS in AL ADAA through form C.
Once the documents are complete it will be submitted to the Representative of Client for their review and feedback after getting the approval. The final set of the documents in soft copy will be submitted to Client. Complete set of documents will also submit to SRA for review and approval by completing and submitted form C through Al ADAA.

Phase 5: Review and update documents to get OSHMS Approval.
After submission of Documents GESC will regularly check the status in AL ADAA. GESC will be responsible for updating the documents if any comments or feedback are given by SRA. Consultation meeting can be scheduled with SRA if required to build better understanding to address the SRA comments if any. Furthermore, as per the requirement of OSHAD and SRA all comments will be addressed in the OSH Management System V.3.1 Scope of work will be completed once submitted OSHMS is approved from the SRA

Time Schedule

Time frame for to complete the scope of work will be approx. One and Half months from the appointment of GESC as consultant and receipt of all required documents or as agreed as per mutual commitment.

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